Why Should I Install Prime XR Plus on My Car Windows?

Introducing a Film that Doesn’t Mean Hiding Under the Radar Anymore.


Many grades of window tint are available; some are designed just for aesthetic appeal. In contrast, others offer superior heat rejection, UV protection, IR rejection, and stopping light from coming through the glass.

With nanoparticle technology, you can combine a stylish look with tremendous performance.

Such a film is PRIME XR PLUS, which keeps you comfortable and protected no matter the weather.

PRIME XR PLUS outperforms other types of window films on the market. A lifetime transferable warranty backs it.

What is Nanoparticle Technology?

Nanoparticle technology is a revolutionary technology that is increasingly used in electronic devices and nanomaterials.

Nanoparticle technology plays a vital role in the implementation of nanotechnology in many engineering and industrial fields, including electronic devices, advanced ceramics, new batteries, engineered catalysts, functional paint and ink, drug delivery system, biotechnology, scratchproof eyeglasses, crack-resistant paints, anti-graffiti coatings for walls, transparent sunscreens, stain-repellent fabrics, self-cleaning windows, and ceramic coatings for solar cells.

The unique properties of nanoparticles are entirely different from those of bulk materials.

What is Ceramic?

I’m sure you’ve heard the buzz. Everyone these days is talking about ceramic window film.

The incredible technology behind ceramic films means that it offers 98% infrared heat rejection thanks to multi-layer nanoparticle technology.

What is Infrared Window Film, and What Does IR Stand for?

IR means it blocks a different type of infrared heat.

When selecting an IR film like PRIME XR PLUS, it will reject more heat than most dyed or metalized films on the market.

PRIME XR PLUS is non-metalized. That means it won’t block any radio transmission. It will stop tremendous heat and reject UVA and UVB light. It also blocks up to 98% of the infrared heat.

What Does That Mean?

Most window films work like a polarization.

The chemical filter on polarized sunglasses removes glare by absorbing the incoming horizontal light while still allowing vertical light.

The way IR nanoparticle film works is that it redirects the light and the heat, as it’s trying to travel through the glass it never makes it through. It reflects much of the heat, captures a lot of it in the glass, and then quickly disperses it.

So, How Does That Benefit Me?

It means you no longer must choose your vehicle’s appearance based on how much heat you want to reject.

There’s no more having to go with a darker film shade to get the best heat rejection.

That’s why we’re excited to carry XPEL PRIME XR PLUS. It’s a game-changer when it comes to automotive window film.

XPEL ceramic window tint features SPF 1000, which blocks over 99% of year-round sun rays. In addition to your skin, the ceramic film will protect your eyes from UV rays and help prevent premature aging and skin cell damage.

Our multi-layer nano-ceramic particle technology blocks up to 98% of the infrared heat.

The sun gives off harmful ultraviolet rays: UVA rays penetrate deep into the skin, gradually destroying its elasticity, causing premature aging, and contributing to skin cancer.

UVB rays can cause unprotected skin to burn and are thought to be the primary cause of skin cancer.

The National Skin Cancer Foundation recommends XPEL window film, which has been proven safe and effective at preventing skin damage that can lead to skin cancer.


  • Superior Heat Rejection – When your vehicle has been sitting in the hot sun for hours, XPEL ceramic film offers up to 98% infrared heat rejection. That means it blocks the sun from heating the inside of your car.
  • Crystal Clear Reception – Let’s face it. We live in a digital world where our lives revolve around cell phones. XPEL ceramic window tint construction doesn’t interfere with cellular, Bluetooth, or radio signals.
  • Greater Clarity of Vision –XPEL products provide an extremely high level of visibility while delivering top-notch cooling performance.
  • Industry Best Warranty – XPEL offers a transferable lifetime warranty covering cracking, peeling, bubbling, fading, and color change.

The warranty is transferrable to the car’s new owner if you sell your vehicle.

At Quality Auto Glass & Tint, we offer several tints and shades to choose from, including:

Prime CS – As the most color-stable window tint film available, this product gives you the privacy you want with the most color-stable window tint film around. In addition, it protects up to 99% of harmful UV rays.

XPEL PRIME XR – maintains the same flawless appearance and clarity throughout the years. Blocking up to 88% infrared heat rejection. PRIME XR will give you the level of performance you expect from a top-of-the-line automotive window tint without breaking the bank.

XPEL Prime XR Plus – This is our top-of-the-line product that offers the best in style and performance. This 98% infrared heat rejection window film keeps you comfortable and protected no matter how hot outside can become.

We pride ourselves on making sure you are 100% satisfied with the look and installation of your automotive window film.

That’s why so many people trust us for their installation.

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