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Ceramic Pro is meticulously crafted to act as a fortress for your vehicle’s factory clear coat, shielding it from the harsh elements and preserving its pristine allure. To optimize the lifespan of Ceramic Pro and derive maximum value from your investment, it’s crucial to follow some easy maintenance steps. It typically takes around 2-3 weeks for the newly applied Ceramic Pro coating to cure to its full strength. By consistently providing attentive care, your coating will reliably offer superior protection for an extended duration.

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Guidelines for Safe Curing

The curing process typically spans 2-3 weeks and can vary depending on environmental factors like humidity and temperature. It’s crucial to exercise caution during this phase. While the coating boasts hydrophobic properties that deter water spots, it isn’t impervious to all elements. Hard water spots can still form, albeit less frequently than on your original clear coat. However, addressing water spots during the curing process might involve costly removal.

To safeguard your coating during curing, avoid the following:

  • Parking under trees, particularly those shedding leaves or sap
  • Allowing bird droppings, sap, or pollen to accumulate and bake under sunlight
  • Washing or engaging in abrasive actions on the paint

Should you notice water spots, bird droppings, insects, tree sap, or other contaminants on your vehicle within the initial two weeks, promptly adhere to our provided care instructions for their removal. Bear in mind that the coating remains relatively soft during this period and requires delicate handling.

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After Care FAQ

Explore our frequently asked questions regarding post-curing maintenance of Ceramic Pro.

What do you do while washing my car at home?

The exceptional slickness of Ceramic Pro enables its self-cleaning effect, effectively dissolving and removing most substances. To prolong its durability, it’s essential to minimize any rubbing, particularly with a dry towel, on the coating. For the removal of bird droppings, bugs, and tree sap, utilize Ceramic Pro Cleaner. After application, gently wipe it off using a soft, edge-less microfiber towel for optimal results.

What do you recommend for a washing schedule?

To maintain optimal results, it’s advisable to wash your car bi-weekly, preventing the accumulation of excessive contamination. Utilize mild soaps specifically recommended for this purpose. Steer clear of high-volume brush-style car washes and detergents with high pH levels. Washing in direct sunlight should be avoided to reduce streaking and water spotting.

Start washing from the top and progress downwards, reserving the dirtiest sections for the final stages to prevent cross-contamination. Always use separate soap for this purpose.

What is the standard recommended home washing method?

Use a foam gun (optimal) or microfiber wash mitt to soap down the car. Rinse it off with a pressure washer (optimal) or hose. Dry with clean microfiber towels.

What is the recommended cleaning method at the car wash?

Choose the high-pressure soap setting. Apply soap to the car (avoid using provided brushes, especially on the paint!). Follow up by rinsing the car thoroughly with high-pressure water. Dry using clean microfiber towels.

What do is recommended for automated washing?

Always opt for a touch-free wash! Using an automated car wash with brushes can void the warranty and diminish the coating’s brilliance. Ceramic Pro 9H requires up to 2 weeks to reach its maximum hardness. Please handle the vehicle with care and refrain from washing it during the initial 2 weeks.

What is the recommended drying method?

Ceramic Pro-Care serves as an excellent drying aid. Start by applying Ceramic Pro-Care on one damp microfiber towel to initially dry the vehicle, then use a second microfiber towel to complete the drying process. This method ensures optimal results. Ensure the vehicle is thoroughly dried, avoiding leaving it to ‘air’ dry. Tap water may contain minerals that could cause deposits leading to water spots. Opt for high-quality microfiber towels for best outcomes and refrain from aggressive wiping. Instead, allow the material to naturally absorb the water.

What is recommended for spot removal?

Avoid using harsh products for polishing the coating or eliminating surface contaminants. Refrain from applying excessive force to remove spots. Promptly remove substances like bird droppings, tar, sap, etc., to prevent temporary staining or hardening on the coating. Any staining resulting from bird droppings will naturally break down over a few days without impacting the coating’s integrity.

What do I need to know after washing?

Avoid applying wax to the coating as it’s unnecessary and won’t adhere to it. For proper maintenance and aftercare, Ceramic Pro Care is the recommended product. Feel free to inquire about purchasing Ceramic Pro-Care from your local installer during your visit.

What are care instructions for leather and fabric maintenance program?

To maintain optimal conditions, clean all leather/vinyl surfaces every two weeks using a leather protectant to prevent the accumulation of contaminants and restore natural oils. Regularly vacuum carpets and apply carpet & fabric cleaners as needed. Promptly wipe off any spills on leather, vinyl, or fabric to prevent stains.

Are annual inspections important?

Annual inspections are highly recommended to maintain the coating and ensure proper care for your vehicle. It’s advised to schedule these inspections with an approved applicator within 30 days before the anniversary of the last service to ensure optimal performance. Despite its durability and longevity, these annual checks guarantee the Ceramic Pro coating maintains its maximum gloss and protection.


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