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In California, sun damage occurs every day going unnoticed until it’s too late. It can damage the interior of your office, destroying furniture and floors with intense UV rays, heat, and exposure. Keeping it cool in your home or workplace during the summer becomes an issue with high energy consumption from overworked Air Conditioning units. Why fight the heat when you can block and reflect it from even coming inside your building by applying window film. By utilizing the latest protective film, window film, and antimicrobial film for commercial applications, business owners can ensure office spaces are comfortable for employees to work in, safe, and protected for the long term.


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Solar Window Film

Make a commercial space cooler, more energy-efficient, and more comfortable to work in. VISION™ Solar Window Films are perfect for deflecting heat & UV in any office or place of business.

Benefits & Features:
  • Clear View: Ceramic, Enhanced, Plus
  • Neutral: Daylight, Crystal Clear, Dark Neutral
  • Metallic: Evening View, Evening View One-Way, Silver, Bronze
  • Exterior: Silver, Bronze

Decorative Window Film

Update your commercial space with a wide variety of VISION™ Decorative window film options. Take any meeting room or glass divider to the next level with White Frost, Blackout Window Film and more.

Benefits & Features:
  • White Out
  • Black Out
  • White Frost

Safety & Security Film

Securing a commercial space is a priority. Available in 8Mil, 12Mil, and 15Mil thicknesses, VISION™ Safety & Security Film is designed to protect businesses & offices from break-in, deterring unauthorized entry.

Benefits & Features:
  • Safety Clear: Safety Clear 4MIL, Safety Clear 7MIL
  • Security Clear: Security Clear 8MIL, Security Clear 12MIL, Security Clear 15MIL
  • Solar Security: Security 8MIL Silver & Security 8MIL Daylight

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Take your glass from ordinary to extraordinary with XPEL, Solar Gard, LLumar, and Johnson window films. Window film offers privacy and style to any space. Available in finishes and patterns that range from subtle to sublime, they’re exactly what you need to set your space apart. Create upscale looks at a fraction of the cost. Our team of experienced window film installers will provide you with a free estimate for your home or office installation. We highly recommend scheduling an appointment so we can spend the necessary time measuring your windows so we can give you an accurate quote for the installation. Phone (209) 543-3800 to schedule your estimate, or to ask any further questions. Customer satisfaction is key to our business, and we strive to ensure quality in our workmanship.
Quality Auto Glass & Tint Inc, of Modesto, CA, holds a current Corporate Contractor’s License under California Law to install window film (License # 1048025).

XPEL Window Film

Solar Window Film

Elevate the comfort and efficiency of your commercial environment. VISION™ Solar Window Films are the ideal solution for effectively reducing heat and UV rays in any office or business setting, resulting in a cooler, more energy-efficient, and comfortable workspace.

Clear View: Clear View Ceramic, Clear View Enhanced, Clear View Plus

Engineered for Unparalleled Clarity and Comfort

Our Clear View films are meticulously designed to provide you with exceptional visibility from both sides of the glass. These films excel at allowing visible light to pass through while effectively reducing infrared heat and harmful UV rays.

Clear View Ceramic: Available in various Visible Light Transmission (VLTS) options of 30, 40, 50, and 60, our Clear View Ceramic film is powered by advanced nano-ceramic technology. This remarkable film is built to withstand even the harshest environments, delivering impressive heat, UV, and glare reduction without the telltale appearance of traditional metal-based films.

Clear View Enhanced: Choose from VLTS options of 15, 25, 40, and 70 with our Clear View Enhanced film. Crafted with a multi-layered construction, this film efficiently filters out heat while preserving your scenic views. It boasts high infrared heat rejection and robust UV blocking, all while maintaining a non-reflective finish for an enhanced driving experience.

Clear View Plus: For maximum performance from a clear, non-reflective film, opt for our Clear View Plus, available in VLTS options of 40, 55, and 70. This innovative film features a multi-layered structure that excels in infrared heat rejection, offering you unbeatable comfort while remaining inconspicuous on your glass.

Neutral: Daylight, Crystal Clear, Dark Neutral

Enhance Glass Elegance with Neutral Films

Our Neutral films are specially crafted to impart a subtle sheen to your existing glass, effectively reducing both glare and heat without the typical reflective, silver appearance.

Daylight: Available in various Visible Light Transmission (VLTS) options of 20, 35, and 60, our Daylight film offers a touch more reflectivity than CLEAR VIEW. It achieves this by incorporating a blend of metals that create a less shiny appearance compared to traditional metal-based films.

Crystal Clear: With a VLTS option of 70, our Crystal Clear film is designed to allow a generous amount of visible light to pass through your glass while introducing a subtle, elegant shine.

Dark Neutral: Engineered for optimal heat and glare reduction, our Dark Neutral film is available in VLTS options of 15 and 25. This film not only provides privacy but also does so without the reflective silver aesthetics commonly associated with traditional metal films.”

Metallic: Evening View, Evening View One-Way, Silver and Bronze

Experience Outstanding Performance with the Metallic Line

Our Metallic Line incorporates a sophisticated blend of layers, delivering top-tier performance across multiple categories while showcasing an exceptionally reflective exterior finish.

Evening View: Available in various Visible Light Transmission (VLTS) options of 15, 25, 35, and 45, Evening View is a dual-layered film designed to reduce glare and minimize interior reflection. It offers exterior privacy while maintaining a low interior reflection, ensuring a balanced and comfortable environment.

Evening View One-Way: With a VLTS option of 8, Evening View One-Way creates a captivating one-way mirrored appearance by featuring a highly reflective exterior surface, while effectively minimizing interior reflection.

Silver: Choose from VLTS options of 20, 30, and 45 for our Silver film. This film boasts a shiny, silver aesthetic and is characterized by its exceptional reflectivity and high-performance attributes.

Bronze: Available in VLTS options of 20 and 35, our Bronze film presents a unique bronze hue, offering high reflectivity. It’s a cost-effective solution for enhancing the performance of your existing home or office glass while adding a touch of distinctive elegance.”

Exterior: Exterior Silver, Exterior Bronze

When interior glass applications aren’t feasible, our Exterior films deliver exceptional performance and deliver substantial heat and glare reduction.

Exterior Silver: Available with a VLTS option of 20, our Exterior Silver film boasts a brilliant silver sheen, offering both high reflectivity and impressive performance.

Exterior Bronze: Featuring a unique bronze hue and available with a VLTS option of 35, our Exterior Bronze film is characterized by its high reflectivity, making it a cost-effective solution for enhancing the performance of your existing home or office glass.”

Vision Speciality Window Film

Elevate the aesthetics, enhance privacy, and shield against harmful UV rays on any home or office window with Vision Decorative Window Film.

Visual Intelligence: Available with a VLTS option of 95, Visual Intelligence represents an innovative and proprietary technology that flips the traditional window film concept on its head. Its exclusive layers effectively eliminate reflection, minimize surface glare, and boost light transmission. By enabling more natural light to pass through, it imparts greater clarity to clear glass, making it even more transparent and brilliant.”

Window Film Protection

Decorative Window Film

Revitalize your commercial setting with an extensive range of VISION™ Decorative window film choices. Elevate the ambiance of meeting rooms and glass dividers with options like White Frost, Blackout Window Film, and more, adding a touch of sophistication and style.

White Out

Where Low VLT Meets Luminous Elegance

Ideal for crafting customized privacy with a sleek black aesthetic, this film lends a unique and stylish ambiance to office interiors, restaurants, and various spaces within your home or workplace.

Benefits & Features

  • Significantly Reduces Glare by 85% for Enhanced Comfort
  • Achieves a Chic and Pristine Decorative Appeal”

Black Out

Enhance Privacy With Total Blackout

Designed to offer maximum privacy with a bespoke black finish, this film imparts a unique custom touch to office spaces, dining establishments, and various zones within your residence or workplace.

Benefits & Features

Effectively Eradicates Glare and Achieves 100% Light Blocking for Utmost Privacy
Solid Black Hue Provides a Neutral, Non-Glossy Appearance”

White Frost

Achieve The Elegant Frosted Glass Aesthetic With Window Film

Perfect for crafting a decorative ambiance characterized by a unique frosty appearance, this film adds a personalized touch to the glass surfaces in office interiors, restaurants, and various spaces within your home or commercial premises. It offers a straightforward solution for introducing accents and delineating distinct areas.

Benefits & Features

  • Enhances Privacy with an Artistic Decorative Appeal
  • Adaptable for Short-Term or Long-Term Application
  • Delivers a Translucent ‘Frosted’ Glass Effect, Permitting Controlled Passage of Limited Light”

Secure You Windows With Film

Safety & Security Window Film

Ensuring the safety of your commercial space is paramount. Our VISION™ Safety & Security Film, available in 8Mil, 12Mil, and 15Mil thicknesses, is expertly crafted to safeguard businesses and offices against break-ins, effectively deterring unauthorized entry.

Safety Clear: Safety Clear 4MIL, Safety Clear 7MIL

Tailored to effectively bond shattered glass, this multi-layered film is engineered to withstand substantial direct force, enhancing the safety of glass surfaces.

Benefits & Features

  • Nearly Transparent Glass Protection
  • Enhances Glass Integrity in the Event of Breakage
  • Increases Glass Resilience Against Intrusion
  • Establishes a Secure Environment for Work or Recreation”

Security Clear: Security Clear 8MIL, Security Clear 12MIL, Security Clear 15MIL

Resembling Safety Clear in principle, this layered film boasts greater thickness, offering enhanced glass safety and the ability to withstand even more intense direct force.

Benefits & Features

  • Nearly Transparent Glass Protection
  • Reinforces Glass Integrity in the Event of Breakage
  • Augments Glass Resistance Against Intrusion
  • Establishes an Even Safer Environment for Work or Play

Solar Security: Security 8MIL Silver & Security 8MIL Daylight

This film’s reflectivity allows for an impressive architectural statement, offering privacy, glass retention upon breakage, and substantial solar heat reduction.


This film’s reflectivity makes a strong architectural impression while also delivering privacy, glass retention in case of breakage, and significant solar heat reduction.


Featuring a distinctive amalgamation of metals that achieves a less reflective appearance compared to traditional metal films, Daylight also includes security layers for added protection.

Benefits & Features

  • Exceptional Performance Levels
  • Highly Reflective Both Externally and Internally
  • Reduces Energy Expenditure, Enhancing Home or Office Efficiency
  • Diminishes Glare to Alleviate Eye Strain and Enhance Natural Light Experience


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At Quality Auto Glass Tint, we recognize that your vehicle is more than just a mode of transportation – it’s an investment deserving of protection. That’s why we proudly offer a range of premium XPEL protective films designed to shield your vehicle’s exterior and interior surfaces. With XPEL’s state of the art technology, you can trust that your vehicle will stay looking its best, even in the face of everyday wear and tear.

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