Why Should I Apply PPF to My Tesla Model S

Being an AWD, You Must Protect Your Paint With Paint Protection Film

The Tesla Model S was initially launched in 2012 and helped put Tesla on the map as an automaker with EPA a range of 265 miles per charge. Newer models can get up to 405 miles of range per charge.

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Tesla has continued updating the Model S since its release, and there are currently two versions: Model S and Plaid. 


The Tesla Model S is very much an executive saloon, with similar long and low design lines as you might find on a Jaguar.


While earlier editions of the Model S offered rear-wheel drive, all the latest Model S models operate in all-wheel drive (AWD). 


Being an all-weather drive vehicle means it’s vital to protect your exterior paint.


And while there are options available to protect your Model S, investing in paint protection film makes sense.


PPF can protect against swirls caused by car washing and make it easier to clean bird droppings. It can protect against scratches from other car doors or shopping carts. However, Tesla owners are concerned that PPF is too expensive, may not hold up to warranty claims, or can damage the paint on the front bumper or hood.


A clear bra can protect your Tesla S from rock chips or keep that matte finish free of scratches. 

PPF is the Best Tesla S Paint Protection Product Available – Period.

Let’s explore the top three motives as to why Tesla S owners come to our shop to apply PPF to their vehicles.

Motive #1Paint Protection Film is the Only Way to Reduce Paint Chipping

When a small piece of gravel or rock hits your exterior paint – it can penetrate the thin factory clear coat and create a hard-to-fix chip.


PPF, or a clear bra, is an indestructible thermoplastic polymer that is transparent, long-lasting, and can deflect most road debris when it hits the vehicle. 


While a ceramic coating can protect your Tesla from environmental contamination, it isn’t hard enough to make it resistant to complex objects hitting the car at highway speeds. 


You can purchase automotive PPF with a matte or high gloss finish, one that heals instantly, and with ceramic coating infused onto the top layer. 


Installing a PPF on your Tesla is the only way to reduce permanent paint damage. PPF can be installed on your full hood, front of the vehicle, or entire vehicle from front to back. 

It’s recommended to have a professional detail shop apply PPF to your vehicle – as the application is challenging.

Motive #2 – Instant healing of minor scratches. 

Most top brands of paint protection have self-healing properties. Applying a PPF to your vehicle means an installer can fix minor scratches simply by applying direct heat with a heat gun. It uses nano technology to fill minor scratches within seconds.


The PPF adhesive slip fills minor scratches, swirl marks, and other imperfections found in factory paint jobs.

Yes, even on your brand-new vehicle. 

PPF helps improve the paintwork’s depth, gloss, and shine, making black Tesla vehicles shiny – and white models crisp and clean. 

Adding a ceramic coating layer on top of the PPF can improve the hydrophobic shine properties and keep the vehicle cleaner. 

Motive #3 – PPF is The Smart Choice for Paint Protection

One primary consideration for any car owner is measuring the cost of having aftermarket work completed on their vehicles. 

There was a time when adding paint protection film was only for the ultra-rich. However, as technology and manufacturing standards have improved, installers have better technology like plotters which pre-cut the film to the dimension of the vehicle, saving time, and the installation cost has decreased.


PPF is the intelligent choice for protecting your Tesla S.

Paint protection film blocks UV damage and protects the paint against toxins, rock damage, and scratches. 

PPF holds up for ten-plus years.

It’s simply the best financial investment a Tesla S owner can make. With the vehicle offering a high speed of 60 mph in a claimed 3.1 seconds and top out at 155 mph. Don’t you want to have fun and not worry about your paint?

That’s fast! Gravel impacting your hood at that speed could cause damage. But with, the application of PPF could lessen that damage to a removable imperfection with heat.


Protect your vehicle from debris on the road. Apply PPF makes sense when avoiding damage to the paintwork due to rock chips, bird droppings, environmental contaminants, or road debris. 

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