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Chip repairs can be an easy fix, costing only a small portion of what a brand-new windshield will cost. Avoid spending hundreds of dollars on a new windshield, if possible. Let Quality Auto Glass & Tint of Modesto, CA, fix it for you. 

We use a well-known technique to extract the air from the windshield’s inner layer pocket. Secondly, we fill it with a glass epoxy sealing it from spreading further and making it barely visible. The process takes anywhere from 20 minutes to 1 hour.

How Does a Windshield Repair Stop a Crack or Chip from Spreading?

When a windshield gets a rock chip, air fills into the cracks. A change in temperature causes the air to expand and contract. When this happens, the crack will spread. It’s important to remember that repairing a rock chip will make it less visible but it will not make it disappear.

If you need windshield chip repair, we offer auto windshield repair at our Modesto, and Roseville locations. Or contact us at: (209) 543-3800, Modesto, or (916) 888-8468 for Roseville, and ask to speak to us about our mobile windshield repair service. 

If you are going through your insurance company for your auto glass needs, we are proud to be your local auto glass provider accepting payment from almost any insurance agency.

Please Contact us with any of your questions. We will be more then happy to answer any questions that you may have about windshield chip repair, or replacement. Phone: (209) 543-3800 Today!

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-Windshield chip repair 

-Same day service

-Mobile service by appointment

-Fully licensed and insured for your security

-All our installers are highly experienced

-Insurance accepted

-Fast affordable quality work backed by a labor lifetime warranty.


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