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Windshield chip repairs can be an easy fix, costing only a small portion of what a brand-new windshield will cost. Avoid spending hundreds of dollars on a new windshield, if possible. Let Quality Auto Glass & Tint, fix it for you.

We use a well-known technique to extract the air from the windshield’s inner layer pocket. Secondly, we fill it with a glass epoxy sealing it from spreading any further and making it barely visible to see. The process takes anywhere from 20 minutes to 1 hour.

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Auto Glass Repair & Replace

We are your Auto Glass Specialists, conveniently located north of Modesto, CA. We are your number one glass replacement shop where quality is our main priority. We offer affordable auto glass replacement, backed with a lifetime warranty.
We provide mobile auto glass repair for your convenience, with same day appointments. We take pride in our quality and workmanship, providing you with speedy and affordable service. We carry name brand aftermarket glass, and dealer item glass. Insurance accepted along with full payment of deductible.

How does a windshield repair stop a crack or chip from spreading?

When a windshield gets a rock chip, air fills into the cracks. A change in temperature causes the air to expand and contract. When this happens, the crack will spread. It’s important to remember that repairing a rock chip will make it less visible but it will not make it disappear.

If you need your windshield replaced, we offer auto windshield repair at our Modesto location. Or, contact us at: (209) 543-3800, and ask us about our mobile windshield repair service.

Please contact us for your auto glass replacement quote at: Phone (209) 543-3800