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We are an Exclusive Authorized 3M window film shop located near Modesto, CA. We offer Computer Cut Window Film applications which allows a perfectly cut film edge to your vehicles window dimensions, to be installed every time, on most makes and models of vehicles.

Our Window Tint Techs are Certified and carry over 20 years of experience, which means to you, a precision detailed clean job every time.

Computer Cut 

ComputerCut imageOur top of the line window films are highly effective in reducing Heat rejection, Glare, and UV rays. Not only does our window tint help keep your car cooler during the summer, it will save and protect the interior from the harmful rays of the hot sun which causes fading and cracking of your interior.

We are a 3M authorized dealer for your Auto, Commercial, & Residential window tinting needs. 3M films are the leading brand name in automotive and industrial films and can provide up to 99% UV protection for your vehicle, home, and/or your business.

MICRO-EDGE gives our tint jobs a factory top edge. We leave no gaps on the top or the side edges, for those who have a vehicle with a frame-less windows, such as a Tesla, Ford Mustang or Audi A8.

3M Color Stable Window Tinting, 3M Crystalline Window Tint

Window Film is by far the most popular aftermarket market method available. A thin tinted polymer film is applied very carefully to specially prepared automotive, residential or commercial glass. This is a very economical way to protect yourself from glare, and the harmful rays of the sun.

The film is available in many different shades of tint and outward appearances, such as flat, reflective, metallic, or even mirrored. Advantages of film tinting are that it’s very inexpensive, and many have claimed that it has also helped prevent glass from shattering in the event of an accident.

Glare through side windows can be distracting to forward vision, and it can lead to eyestrain and fatigue on longer drives. Sunburn can also be an issue for some people. Non-tinted windows typically filter out less than 30% percent of UV light, while almost all of our films will filter out 99% percent of UV Rays.

Increased security.

New Mini Cooper Car is Unveiled in LondonWindow tinting makes it more difficult to see your occupants and belongings inside your vehicle, so it’s safe to say that your chances of being targeted for a crime are lessened.

We’ve been promoting our product for years as an added safety feature. Finally, a few of the luxury automobile manufacturers have taken note despite opposition from the insurance companies. Window film, helps deter theft as well as protect lives, along with many other benefits which are listed below.

Every 15 minutes someone in the United States learns that a loved one has died in a traffic crash. Every day 119 people die on American roads and highways-more than 40,000 each year. Surprisingly, that grim crash fatality statistic has held steady for the past two decades-even as cars have become more crashworthy and sophisticated safety features are more widely available.

3M Color Stable

3M’s revolutionary Nano-carbon polyester film provides an incredible look, color stability, and is non metallized to ensure no signal interference. Our film retains its integrity and will never fade to purple backed with a lifetime warranty. Don’t settle for anything less we offer quality window tinting and paint protection in Salida and are dedicated to giving our customers 100% satisfaction guaranteed! 3M Color Stable’s appearance rivals tinted factory glass, never turns purple, and provides high heat rejection with no signal interference.

While most other window companies buy their polyester from someone else, 3M makes its own. During this process, 3M window tint patented a technology for producing its own Nano-carbon polyester. This revolutionary and unique process allows for maximum heat rejection without metallized film, which can interfere with radio and satellite signals. It also gives our films a stylish look with outstanding color stability. In fact, its so advanced that in time based tests, 3M Color Stable never turn purple while conventional dyed films rapidly changed to purple. We offer pre-cut window tinting for quality and perfection. We make it easy for our customers with displays of different shades to choose from and a large waiting room for your comfort.

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3M Crystalline

If you are looking for the ultimate in high technology, superior clarity and performance with a premium look then 3M Crystalline Automotive Film is for you. 3M Crystalline Automotive Films feature a proprietary, multilayer optical film technology that combines over 200 layers of film that is thinner then a post it note.

This unique technology is the reason a clear film can reject more heat then any darker shades like a limo tint. Crystalline Films reject up to 97% of the suns heat producing infrared light and block up to 60% of the heat coming through your windows. these selective films are designed to keep you cool, comfortable and protected. Designed to maintain the appearance of your car, Crystalline films blocks up to 90% of the light from entering into your vehicle. Because these films are non-metalized, you can be assured of zero interference with GPS or cell phone signals.

Why is window tinting regulated?

Dark-tinted front windows make it difficult for law enforcement to identify hit-and-run drivers, or to establish eye contact with suspects during traffic stops. They make it more dangerous for police, and easier for suspects to conceal weapons behind the tinted windows. Police in some areas of the country carry portable “tintmeters” to check windows that might be darker than the law allows.

How do you find out what’s allowed in your state?

Most states have specific regulations on tinted windows, calling out maximum percentages for visible light transmission and reflectivity. Sunshine states tend to have rules that are more tolerant of deep-tinted windows-and even allow some measure of driver’s side window tinting-though there are exceptions to this rule. The regulations vary drastically by state, so check with your local installer for more information. Click here for a chart with the specific state-by-state rules, provided by the IFWA. The installer should be able to provide you with a product information sheet that has numbers to compare with what’s allowed.

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Consumer Guide to Window Tinting

When deciding where and when to get your car tinted you should take into consideration the following guidelines:

  • Social Media has become a huge intricate part of today’s online Marketing strategy for small businesses.Smart phones and computers have become a necessary tool for consumers to connect with one another, and especially when it comes to writing positive or negative review about their experience with a particular business. Checking reviews on Google, Yelp etc, in your local area before contacting a window tinting shop is a great place to start.
  • Beware of cheap pricing. If it sounds too good to be true, it probably has a catch. Beware of false or misleading advertising. Cheap pricing; when quoted between $79.00 and $99.00 per vehicle, beware of quality of film and actual installation. Confirm over the phone when calling for a quote or before actual installation when visiting store that the price quoted by the shop is out the door. No hidden fees for tinting any additional windows or charges for removing any hardware, if needed. Expert quality window film and the actual tinting insulation should be reasonably priced, when you think about all the benefits that window film offers. Protect yourself by confirming that the price quote includes all the windows you are interested in getting tinted on your vehicle.
  • Quality of Film – Most Automotive Window Film today comes with a Lifetime warranty.  Recommendation-When contacting an automotive tint shop in your local area, ask them if they offer a Manufacturer Warranty. The warranty should protect you as a consumer against Bubbling, Peeling and Fading of the film. In the unfortunate event that the film becomes defective your installation shop should cover all cost of replacement of film at their expense, not yours.   There are window films on the market today that only cover a three – five year warranty. This short warranty span is not recommended as most consumers keep their vehicle longer than five years. Most vehicles on the road today last an average of fifteen years. That is why a manufactured warranty is highly recommended.

High quality film is visually clear to the eyes (no obstruction in vision) and not hazy after installment on glass and after curing process has occurred. (Dried.)

High quality film will not take on a visual blurry appearance or start bubbling after installation of one to two years; Low quality film looses its clarity rather quickly. (Within six month in very sunny climates)

  • Quality of Installation – It is highly recommended that you inspect previous workmanship that the tint shop has performed on other vehicles. (A quality shop should always have a tinted vehicle on display for you to examine. Either an earlier customer’s car or a display vehicle.)  

Tinted glass should be clean, free of dirt and air bubbles. (Resemble manufactured glass on SUV vehicles.) Carefully examine the installed film; especially inspect the sides and bottom of the windows. This is where most of the defects will be visible on an inferior installation. There should be no gaps between glass and film edge. After film has cured (dried) there should be no gap at the top of the window when rolled down. A professional installer should make your vehicle look like manufactured tinted glass.

Ask the installer how many years of experience of tinting vehicles do they have. Like many professions window tinting is a learned craft over a number of years. It is not something one reads a how to tint windows text book, then start tinting expensive cars. No, window tinting is a learned craft through experience, the more cars they have tinted the better they should be? If they are proud of their profession they should gladly share with you the number of years or even the number of cars they have tinted. Recommended, go to a tint shop where the installer has had a minimum of five consecutive years of tinting experience.

When you first pick up your vehicle from the tint shop the installer will explain that the film will initially appear hazy to the eyes and there maybe moisture pockets trapped between the tint and the glass of your car windows.  This is normal, it is the first stage of the curing process that the film will go through, within the first few hours (depending on the climate,) the moisture will dry and separate into tiny pockets of water. (Approx the size of a garden pea.) The curing process can take as long as thirty – sixty days, however most cars will visually cure within the first 5 days.

Window Film can be installed when the weather is cold and rainy. The only delay in the curing process when weather is cold is the drying time. In hot climates the visual curing time for window film can be as quick as one day. When the weather is cold, thirty degrees or less, the curing process could take the whole sixty days. Suggestion: Place colored tape over window control panel as a reminder, NOT TO roll down windows. When window film is first installed you will visually see moisture beads trapped between glass and film. This will disappear; this is a normal process of window tinting.

  • Quality of Customer Service – The installer should guide you through the process of choosing the correct shade of film for your vehicle based on your needs and requirements. The color of interior and exterior of your vehicle and the make and model all determine the overall look of the finished job.

The staff should be knowledgeable about window tinting and your cars information, i.e.  Number of back windows, do your windows open in an up and down motion or pop out etc., and should be able to answer any and every question that you have about the actual process of window tinting.

Customer Service should extend far beyond getting your car tinted. The staff should be immediately responsive to your questions or concerns if you ever have an issue after your vehicle has been tinted and left the tint shop.

       Selecting the Shade

Different shades of film with wordsThe shade of film for your vehicle is the most important step. As it gives the car its overall look, its new appearance when the job is done. The Darkness of the film is measured by Visible Light Transmission (VLT).  VLT which means how much light the film allows passing through the window.  The lower the number (Film reference number,) the darker the film, hence the more privacy you get when sitting inside your vehicle.  Most film manufacturers follow standard Percentage of VLT. These specifications are listed below and may vary a percent or two.

    • 4 resized5% — also named Limo tint. This is the recommended shade for optimum privacy; however night time driving can present an issue when backing up your vehicle down a darkened street or alleyway. Visibility viewing out your back window can be impaired because of the dark tint (Less light transmission) so it is recommended you use your vehicle side minors and caution when backing up.
      • 13 resized20% — Medium shade. This shade gives your car more of an elegant look.  It is a solid tinted look. This shade allows spectators to view inside your vehicle but gives your car an overall classy look.
      • 35% — Light Shade. Choosing this shade on the rear half of your vehicle will give your windows an accented look, a more professional look.  Although this shade is not legal for the front windows in many states, it is probably the most popular shade chosen for the driver and passenger windows.
  • 32 resized50% — Very Light shade. This shade is most popular for people who do not wish to view shaded glass on their windows, but require tinted film for the U.V protection.
  • 70%-80% — Ultra Light Film Shade. This is the legal shade allowed for the front windows in California. Each State has its own laws as regards what shade of window film is legal allowed for the driver and passenger windows. Check out your local Highway website for recommended shade. Your local tint shop should also be aware of what film shade is legally allowed for your vehicle front windows.

Recreational vehicle tinted in 5 Solar Gard limo tint

  UV window film protection applied to RV

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