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Solar ReflectanceIn California, sun damage occurs every day going unnoticed until it’s too late. It can damage the interior of your home or office destroying furniture and floors with intense UV rays, heat, and exposure.

Keeping it cool in your home or work place during the summer becomes an issue with high energy consumption from overworked Air Conditioning units. Why fight the heat when you can block and reflect it from even coming inside your building.

At Quality Auto Glass Tint we have the window film solutions you’re looking for. Whether it’s to reduce the heat, glare, or protect your interior from sun damage, our high end window films are your solution.

Blocking up to 84% of the heat from ever entering in through the glass.

Cuts glare by up to 90%

STOPS up to 99% of UV Rays from entering your home or office.

Heat rejectionHeat lost or gain through your residential or office windows accounts for 10 to 25 percent of your overall heating bill.

Window films can be retrofitted to existing windows to reduce heat gain due to solar radiation and provide a low-cost cooling load reduction.

Window films are thin layers of polyester, metallic coatings, and adhesives that save energy by limiting both the amount of solar radiation passing through the windows and the amount of internal heat escaping through windows.

Window film can be applied directly to the interior surfaces of all types of glass and generally last 7 to 12 years.

Typically, in the heating season, more heat escapes from most windows than comes in from the sun (on a 24-hour basis); the extent depends on the local climate and the R-value of the window.

3M window filmWindow films can help reduce this costly heat loss by reflecting indoor radiant heat back into the room. In the cooling season, even when drapes and blinds are closed, much of the sun’s heat passes through the glass into the room.

Window films address this problem by reducing solar heat gain at the window. In short, window films save energy by reducing radiation and other forms of heat transfer through windows, by allowing better balance in heating and cooling systems and by providing opportunities for HVAC downsizing.

When sunlight strikes glass, solar energy is either transmitted through the pane of glass, absorbed by the glass or reflected away from the glass. The type of glass and window film applied causes varying transmittance results, shown as a percent – this is the amount of solar energy that entered through the glass and film.

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